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NanTam Toy Manchester Terriers

NanTam has been breeding Top Quality Toy Manchester Terriers for Show Prospects and Companions since 1987
Wag! - Dog Walking & Boarding

I would like to introduce you to my Loving and Loyal Toy Manchester Terriers. I have selectively produced show quality Manchesters that reflect the AKC Standard in conformation for the show ring. I have also produced soundness and temperament; which have proven greatly in Therapy and Service dog work. But most of all, these little Terriers have become great Loving and Loyal Family Companions.

I do outside breedings, but only to Selective Breeders that hold the standards we can both agree to. NanTam Ranch moved from the 20 acre ranch in Indianatown in 2019 to a 10 acre ranch in Vero Beach. 


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